ABOUT BXB Technologies Pty Ltd

“Our group of companies are all involved in the ‘zero waste economy’ projects.

This compelling BXB catalyst technology, which has patent pending, is a serendipitous invention by our scientists from ongoing experimentation extracting Hydrogen, CO2 and other gases from plastic, organics and tyres. As our processes are exothermic, we have had amazing results with massive reductions in power use.

Our most spectacular project is the ability to dovetail this zero-CO2 H2 technology straight into an existing Coal fired Electric Power Generation Station creating pollution free energy. Imagine using coal to produce clean burning hydrogen to generate electricity without climate-changing environmental pollution.!

As a visitor, we welcome you on our journey in showcasing this new Australian ingenuity to the world”

Bruno Angelico – Managing Director

Bruno Angelico
Bruno AngelicoManaging Director


Brad AttardBEng(Mat)
Ubiquitious consultant and developer advanced catalyst materials furnace refractories and bespoke heat treatment & thermal processes for over 40 years
Walter Bilic LLB
Legal representative, Involved in the legal and Management area of BXB and has project managed a number of start-up companies”.
David WilsonProject Manager
An experienced bespoke Manufacturing Engineer with extensive experience in Operations and Project Management, Technical Engineering skills.
Dr Keith Henley-SmithChief Scientist
Background in commercialisation of advanced materials and processes. Specialising in Metallurgy, Chemistry, Material sciences, and the reactive properties of Rare Earth metals.


To invent and commercialize innovative products to replace all pollution, from energy, chemical processes, industry, defence, waste, and consumer process.

  • Honesty, fairness and integrity at all times.
  • Promote individual productivity and personal accountability.
  • Drive continuous innovation and excellence.
  • We are committed to providing a safe and respectful environment for workers and customers alike by encouraging fearless competition, ceaseless collaboration and boundless innovation.