Embracing innovation for Net-Zero Pollution!

BXB Technologies announces that Bruno Angelico will launch and describe the new Catalysis Tyre to Hydrogen demonstration plant completed recently in Dandenong Victoria,

BXB advanced technology producing
Cleaner and Greener Hydrogen.

BXB Technologies Pty Ltd has developed a range of unique reactive catalysts that convert organic and inorganic matter into solids for repurposing and gases at a range of temperatures, starting as low as 100˚C.
Our company’s experienced and expert team in BXB Hydrogen has identified and established a massive and immediate opportunity for our entry into the hydrogen market.

BXB All Plastics to Hydrogen

Hydrogen from Plastic

Australia dumps 2.1 million tonnes of plastic in landfill every year.

BXB technology can convert all Australian plastic to Hydrogen.

Recycling waste tyres into Hydrogen and carbon for soil remediation.

Catalyst for Tyre Conversion

Catalyst for tyre conversion, reducing rubber to green carbon and for soil remediation and Hydrogen produced for industry and electrical power generation.

Lignite to Hydrogen

Hydrogen from Lignite

Australia has massive reserves of lignite, rich in precious Hydrogen.

The BXB TCCR process produces Hydrogen from lignite with no CO2 emissions and zero CCS.